April 24, 2023

Warrick County Bridge 310

Warrick County, Indiana
Warrick County Commissioners
Service Line:
Environmental Services

Warrick County Bridge 310 is one of the last Pratt Bedstead Pony Truss bridges left in the state of Indiana, and it has been identified as an Indiana Select Historic Bridge. Over time, the bridge has deteriorated to a state where the bridge has been closed to traffic.

A Historic Bridge Alternatives Analysis was completed by Lochmueller’s qualified historians to determine what the best alternative would be to reopen the bridge crossing and it was determined that relocating Warrick County Bridge 310 to a new location was the preferred alternative for this project.

Working with the INDOT Cultural Resource Office, the State Historic Preservation Officer, Consulting Parties, and Warrick County, an alternative location within a county-owned park was identified to relocate the bridge to be used on a future pedestrian trail and preserve the history of the bridge.

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