August 23, 2023

Orchard Farm Traffic Impact Study

St. Charles, Missouri
City of St. Charles Parks Department
Service Line:
Traffic Engineering & Planning

With school starting back up, Lochmueller recognizes the importance of prioritizing the safety of our schools. In recent years, Lochmueller prepared a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for the Orchard Farm School District High School, future Elementary School, and City Park project in St. Charles, Missouri. The study intended to identify the traffic and safety implications of the developments and evaluate traffic improvements necessary to accommodate the proposed uses.

The subject site is located along the north side of Highway B between New Town Boulevard and Highway 94. The project included extensive coordination between the school district, park district, multiple consultants as well as the Missouri Department of Transportation and the City of St. Charles.

This study forecasted the amount of traffic generated by the proposed developments, evaluated the impact of the additional trips on the adjoining road system, and recommended roadway and traffic control improvements to accommodate the additional traffic. Given the nature of the developments in a school district, the study focused on the morning and afternoon peak arrival/dismissal periods for the proposed high school since it will be the primary traffic generator.

A series of phased roadway, pedestrian, and traffic control improvements were recommended to address existing constraints, facilitate the short-term access needs of the new high school, and accommodate the ultimate build-out and substantial residential development in the surrounding area.

Overall, it was concluded that with the improvements in place, the study area can satisfactorily accommodate the proposed developments and continue regional growth!

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