March 9, 2023

North Lafayette Street Reconstruction

Florissant, Missouri
City of Florissant
Service Line:
Transportation Design

Our North Lafayette Street Reconstruction Project for the City of Florissant, MO has won an Honor Award in ACEC Missouri’s 2023 Engineering Excellence Awards!

The City selected Lochmueller to provide design, right-of-way acquisition, and construction inspection services for this reconstruction project for North Lafayette Street. This street is a major connection to historic downtown Florissant for its residents and plays a vital role in providing access to businesses. The area’s roadways and infrastructure were originally built in the late 1800s and were upgraded in the mid 1900s. While it had been maintained over the years, major upgrades were needed to rehabilitate the roadway and serve today’s needs.

The improvements involved the reconstruction of 3,000 feet of North Lafayette Street. The scope of work included roadway resurfacing, new curb-and-gutter, new storm sewer system and stormwater BMPs, ADA-compliant curb ramps and sidewalks, decorative paver accents, improved access management in the commercial segments, and utility relocations. Due to the location inside a registered historic district and relatively narrow right-of-way, the design required careful consideration of the impacts to the adjacent parcels, including design of retaining walls to reduce construction limits and preserve historic surroundings. Extensive coordination with property owners was performed to minimize impacts and obtain a final product that met the needs of the citizens and visitors while maintaining the character of the area.

Lochmueller designed this project in two separate phases but advertised it for bids to be constructed as one project. Constructing it in one phase allowed us to take advantage of the economy of scale, reducing mobilization costs, and reducing the impact on adjacent residential and commercial property owners.

Lochmueller is proud to have had the opportunity to assist the City of Florissant on this project. Revitalizing and improving a downtown district with historic implications and ties to local businesses is one of the reasons Lochmueller opened its doors in 1980. As such, the North Lafayette Street Reconstruction project provides equitable access to goods and services for surrounding residents along with infrastructure improvements which are environmentally sustainable.

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