March 27, 2023

Kaiser Aluminum & Peru CSO Projects

Kaiser Aluminum & Peru Utilities
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In the past year, Lochmueller has carried out two projects—Kaiser Aluminum and Peru CSO—that showcase the use of two different Lidar sensor systems.

Data collection for the Kaiser Aluminum building 879 site, used to aid in-house design for our Water Resources department, depended heavily on our terrestrial SX-10 lidar scanner. This terrestrial scanning method, a more robust technique that relies upon ground control, allowed the Surveying team to create LAS and recap point clouds that the designers could refer to for tie-in points both horizontally and vertically. With this information, the Water Resources department has made great progress in the 3D mapping of the existing state of the Kaiser Aluminum building site to assist in their new design of the facility.

At the Peru project site, our team was made aware of unknown pipe sizes and elevations of multiple CSO outlets. A GeoSLAM horizon handheld unit with a modified mount, light, and retrieval device was utilized to safely collect data to identify unseen lateral piping and define their elevations. The project also required topographic collection of the current road conditions along the corridor, which was completed utilizing Mobile Lidar sensors and ground targets.

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