May 1, 2023

Downtown Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Jeffersonville, Indiana
City of Jeffersonville, Indiana
Service Line:
Water Resources

Our Downtown Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project for the City of Jeffersonville, IN received a Merit Award in ACEC Indiana’s Engineering Excellence Awards!

Lochmueller developed the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and design of a new treatment facility capable of treating 3 MGD with peak capacity of 9 MGD. To maintain NPDES regulatory compliance, the project included improvements to the Downtown Wastewater Treatment Plant (DWWTP) to expand the wet-weather treatment capacity from 50 MGD to 75 MGD and provide additional treatment to meet total phosphorus less than 1.0 mg/L.

The DWWTP receives flow from three sources: Tenth Street Pump Station (60 MGD), the Spring Street Pump Station (6 MGD), and Mill Creek Pump Station (8 MGD). The 75 MGD expansion included modifying the headworks junction box, adding a 25 MGD chemically enhanced high-rate clarifier, a 25 MGD vertically inclined UV disinfection system, a chemical feed and storage building, site piping improvements, and an upgrade of the SCADA system. Existing infrastructure was used to maximize the pumping flow from the Tenth Street Pump Station. This scenario diverted flow directly into the 25 MGD wet-weather Actiflo treatment system. Using the existing infrastructure amounted to cost savings of approximately $15 Million, which positively impacted rate payers.

Before the improvements, wastewater was sent to the Cane Run ponding area, and in wet-weather conditions, the nearby parking lot of a restaurant and a hotel would flood. Residential homes in the area experienced flooding in their basements on a regular basis. The Lochmueller team had to meet with IDEM to receive approval for their solution before the project could proceed.

The decrease of lesser treated wastewater sent from the plant to Mill Creek Pump Station improved the water quality in both the Mill Creek and Cane Run ponding areas. Lochmueller is proud to have contributed to these improvements that impacted the environment and community in a positive way!

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