September 29, 2023

Bridge 311 Superstructure Replacement

Boone County, Indiana
Boone County Commissioners
Service Line:
Transportation Design

Boone County Commissioners hired Lochmueller to replace, widen, and increase the life span of Bridge 311, a concrete slab bridge that was deteriorating and carries Williams Street over Prairie Creek in Lebanon, Indiana. Boone County wanted a wider superstructure to provide the appropriate width of sidewalk needed in the area for pedestrian traffic to the Lebanon School District.

The project required extensive coordination with Boone County, the City of Lebanon, and the Lebanon School District. Additionally, during the design phase of the project, Lochmueller coordinated with another consultant to incorporate their design of a new stormwater system into this project to ensure that the rehabilitated bridge location would not be disturbed a year or two after completion. Because the other firm’s design was not as far along, more design work was completed by Lochmueller in the end.

Overall, the final contract fee was more than the initial fee due to some unexpected, odd elements that arose during the design. The approach slab design was completed by the nearby Ann Street intersection, and the original profile had to be redone to better tie into the existing roadway.

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