May 8, 2023

Blackiston Mill Road, Phase II

Clarksville, Indiana
Town of Clarksville, Indiana
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Construction Administration

The existing Blackiston Mill Road is a heavily traveled arterial with narrow 11-ft-wide travel lanes with earth shoulders and a lack of pedestrian functionality. The Town of Clarksville has acquired federal funding to develop and design a reconstruction plan along 0.93 miles of Blackiston Mill Road from Lewis and Clark Parkway to Gutford Road, and the proposed project has been broken up into three phases.

The overall Blackiston Mill Road Improvement project in Clarksville seeks to decrease the number of accidents and reduce the number of conflict points at the various drives along this segment of Blackiston Mill Road. Phase II construction of this roadway project will be improving the overall storm sewer system, creating a storm detention basin near Blackiston Bowl, widening the travel lanes, and adding ADA-compliant sidewalks and curb ramps on both sides of the road.

Prior to the project’s letting, Lochmueller’s Construction Inspection team has been monitoring the relocation of several utilities. Once the gas and water utility companies mobilized to the site, it was apparent that conflicts existed between their respective original relocation plans. Our Inspection team and Utility Coordinator called all parties together and worked through a revised plan that assigned each utility a new underground location free from conflicts with the proposed storm sewer improvements and other utilities.

Lochmueller, along with the Town of Clarksville, had public information back on March 8th at the Clarksville Library. Thirty-six area residents were present to hear our team explain the purpose and need of the project, construction timelines, access to homes and businesses during construction, and to share our communication plan with those individuals affected by Phase II construction. Currently, over ninety-seven individuals are receiving updates, which is a resounding success.

Through utility relocations, roadway construction, and final project closeout, our Construction team will work alongside the Town of Clarksville to help deliver a quality and lasting project for local residents.

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