February 1, 2019

Bat Habitat Assessment for Coal Combustion Byproduct Disposal Site

Southern Indiana
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Lochmueller conducted bat habitat assessment to determine the potential for occupation by the Indiana bat and the northern long-eared bat. The project area’s 2.8 acres consisted of one-half acre of forestland and 2.7 acres of open land with no vegetation, mesic herbaceous cover, or common weed.

The project area lacks well-defined flight corridors such as intermittent or perennial streams with mature canopy cover, or trails/roads with similar canopy cover. This area is generally isolated, although there are larger tracts of forest habitat in close proximity.  Additionally, the White River is less than 0.4 mile from the site.

Our report recommended that all woody tree growth be removed from the perimeter to provide access for dumping any material.  Following the last of the deposits, the area will be graded and reclaimed with native vegetation.

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