Cultural Resources

Our specialists evaluate the historic significance of the built environment to make recommendations for eligibility and work with clients to promote conservation, and or rehabilitation and restoration, of buildings, structures, and the surrounding communities.


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Finding the hidden details in the cultural landscape is essential to good Section 106 coordination and Section 4(f) evaluations. Lochmueller understands those details range from the obvious to the most subtle, are sometimes unseen (but may be heard), and occasionally involve the use of the property, beyond whatever physical, visual, and audible impacts may result from the proposed construction.
Lochmueller offers historic buildings and structures surveys, National Register eligibility surveys and nominations, state register nominations, National Historic Landmark nominations, historic context studies, determination of effects reports, local government and stakeholder coordination, mitigation alternatives, design guideline reviews, viewshed analysis, pre-project locational studies, resource management planning, research, ethnographic studies, and GIS data collection.


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Cultural Resources

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