Yount Named Senior Officer for Project Procurement & Government Relations

Patricia Yount has been named Senior Officer for Project Procurement & Government Relations! Although she originally planned to retire this year, we weren’t ready to let her go, and, fortunately, she wasn’t ready to leave either.

In her new role, Patti will employ her unique blend of knowledge, experience, and networking to assist and complement our Regional Leaders, Technical Discipline Leaders, and Client Service Managers in a variety of capacities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Identifying funding opportunities for new project and bridging gaps in project funding
  • Navigating bureaucratic red tape with various agencies
  • Assisting with advocacy for key projects in various markets
  • Maintaining relationships with select government agencies and clients (primarily those with whom Patti has previously been engaged)
  • Acting as Lochmueller representative and liaison to Democratic Party functions
  • Acting as a liaison and organizer for engineering community functions such as Road School, AIM Conference, IACC Conference, etc.

Patti has shown consistent dedication throughout her 15 years with Lochmueller Group. Given her long-standing relationships, extensive political connections, and unparalleled knowledge of project funding, we look forward to her continuing as a valuable contributor to the firm’s operations.

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