New Subsidiary to Focus on Freight and Logistics

Lochmueller Group is excited to announce the formation of a new subsidiary: Velis. Our thriving Supply Chain Engineering & Logistics Consulting practice inspired us to create a new entity that is dedicated to helping supply chain clients solve their challenges.

Velis will be led by Chris Foraker, Director of Supply Chain Consulting. Chris brings significant expertise in supply chain consulting, optimization, simulation, and data analytics. His experience encompasses a range of industries and services, including network design, warehousing, inventory strategy and logistics optimization. Merging the best practices of logistics consulting and transportation engineering allows Velis to deliver calculated blueprints for supply chain improvements.

Lochmueller Group remains devoted to sustaining its 41-year standard of excellence in infrastructure planning and design. The formation of Velis allows both firms to fully focus on their core strengths and services and maximize their future growth potential. Velis will further Lochmueller’s best-in-class quality of work and commitment to Creativity, Accountability, Respect, Dedication, Integrity, and Achievement while expanding our interests to the challenges affecting supply chains.

To learn more about Velis and their unique supply chain engineering approach, contact Chris Foraker at 330.606.7379 or You can also visit us at

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