Ward 16 Neighborhood Traffic Study

St. Louis, Missouri
City of St. Louis
Service Line:
Traffic Engineering & Planning

Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) provided a neighborhood level street access and circulation study within the Saint Louis Hills neighborhood of the City of St. Louis, Missouri. The neighborhood has seen an influx of young families with children, which has prompted renewed interest in pedestrian safety. The resulting plan developed recommendations for reducing traffic volumes and speeds on neighborhood streets and improving the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists.

An extensive public engagement process was undertaken to better grasp the issues and desires of the neighborhood. A resident survey on transportation needs garnered almost 400 responses and multiple public meetings were held to form an in-depth view of the community’s needs. Additionally, interviews were conducted with the multitude of educational institutions in the study area, as well as City of St. Louis staff, to understand the operational concerns and constraints of the neighborhood.

A comprehensive data collection effort was undertaken to assemble an inventory of information from which informed recommendations could be developed. This data was utilized to evaluate potential treatments and either confirm or refute their viability. The data collected included:

  • Traffic counts (both manual and mechanical)
  • Speed data was collected where speeding was reported
  • Origin-destination data was collected to verify cut-through traffic
  • Peak period observations of traffic and pedestrian activity were conducted
  • A GIS-based infrastructure survey was conducted that identified the existing dimensions of roadways, sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, signage and striping, & the location of drainage structures

The issues were then prioritized based on the preceding information. From these issues, counter-measures were developed along with a short-term/long-term priority, conceptual design schematic and estimated capital cost for each treatment. Some of the recommendations involved:

  • Road Diets
  • Additional bike lanes/buffered bike lanes
  • Curb bump-outs
  • Pedestrian chokers with enhanced crosswalks
  • Cut-through traffic solutions including street closures, one-way flow reversals & neighborhood traffic circles
  • Intersection reconfigurations that prioritize pedestrians & school zone circulation improvements

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